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Who We Are

Circle K at The University Washington is committed to volunteer service and outreach in the University of Washington community and the Greater Seattle area.

Circle K at The University Washington is a student-led, internationally recognized, volunteer service club dedicated to serving the greater Seattle area, and is proud to be a part of the largest collegiate volunteer service organization in the world! Offering a variety of volunteer service events and projects on a weekly basis, Circle K at The University Washington is committed to the bettering of UW Seattle’s surrounding community, and the club tenets of “Service, Leadership, and Fellowship!”


In addition to some of our volunteer service events including: Greenlake Park Litter Patrol, stocking the University District Food Bank, making thoughtful cards for patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, and landscaping at the Danny Woo Community Garden in the International District, Circle K at The University Washington gives paid members the opportunity to participate in unique social events with other CKI clubs in our PNW district as well! By attending our general meetings, becoming a paid member, and coming to our unique events, join the growing network of amazing collegiate volunteers by helping with what we do best: having fun, and building a better community!


Meet your lifelong friends, get involved with the community through volunteer service, build leadership skills,  and create a network with like-minded individuals across the PNW and beyond through all of the fun activities that only Circle K at The University Washington can offer! 


At Circle K, we strive to give back to our community through service. We believe that one of the best ways to bring support to the overall greater Seattle area and University community is through the work that we do. We lend our help through a diverse set of needs around the community ranging from focus points like helping the environment, marginalized communities, children, and more.



Providing the skills, and supporting the growth of a leader both inside and outside of the classroom is what Circle K at The University of Washington offers to members of the club. The best way to become a “leader” is by putting those skills in action! Build leadership skills and your professional portfolio by becoming an event lead at our various volunteer service events, contributing to the conversation in our general meetings, and running for an officer position at the end of our service year!



Aside from fostering leadership and service, we also have a huge emphasis on developing fellowship within our own smaller Circle K community and outside of it. Why should service be something long and tedious rather than something that brings people closer and together? This is a main point we tackle, hosting events on a District level to connect us with other chapters, holding socials to bring our own members together, and even providing networking opportunities on a higher career level.

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