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Being a paid member in the club allows you to gain a variety of benefits.

Free T-Shirt

Get a free t-shirt with your membership. The t-shirt is normaly designed by one of our club members. 


Scholarship opportunities are available later on in the year and are provided by our parent organization, University Kiwanis. To apply, you must be a dues paid member.

Priority for events

You'll get priority for volunteer events that are capacity constrained


DCON is an annual convention for Circle K members, and allows for networking with other schools.

Member of the Month

We value our members for putting their time, effort and care in being a part of our club and volunteering for the community. Each month, we recognize one person who has stood out the most through the “Member of the Month” certificate.


I joined UWCKI because I wanted to contribute to the Seattle community and make a positive impact. It's been a very rewarding experience and I am excited to continue being a part of this club for the foreseeable future.

Cherry Chung, March 2022
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